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When you lose a loved one in a wrongful death accident, how do you make sure you will have the legal help you need as you pursue a fair outcome against the responsible parties? When your family’s income earner is lost in a fatal accident, who can help you obtain the income you will need to compensate for lost earnings?

For more than 40 years the lawyers at Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., have helped families of wrongful death victims deal with the difficulties that come when a family member is lost and to obtain the compensation they deserve. We have handled dozens of wrongful death cases, including cases involving:

  • Car wrecks and truck accidents
  • Nursing home neglect & accidents
  • Maritime injuries/shipping accidents
  • Construction injuries and manufacturing site accidents

Who Can Bring A Wrongful Death Claim?

Generally, most states that recognize a wrongful death cause of action limit the number of potential plaintiffs. Some states limit this group to the deceased’s primary beneficiaries, defined as the surviving spouse and the deceased’s children. Other states allow the parents of the deceased individual to bring a wrongful death claim. In addition to these individuals, some states recognize the rights of any dependent, whether closely related or not, to bring a wrongful death claim provided the person actually depended on the deceased for economic support.

Some states require any recovery gained in a wrongful death action to be divided amongst the deceased’s heirs at law or to be distributed to the deceased’s heirs at law as it would be in any normal probate proceeding. In these situations, distant relatives may receive some “trickle down” of damages, even though they were not financially dependent upon the deceased during his life. In addition, if more than one plaintiff is entitled to recover, all plaintiffs will share in the award. The manner in which the award is divided can be confusing and will depend upon the laws in the particular jurisdiction where the matter is brought.

Hire An Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney In Mobile, Alabama

When you lose a loved one unexpectedly, you will have to make final arrangements. You might go through a mourning process that is more intense since you didn’t get to say good-bye to your loved one. While you are handling all of that, we will be able to get started on your case so that the wheels are already in motion.

As your case moves through the court system, we will be here to let you know about the options you have. We will help you learn about how we might be able to resolve your case so that you can get the closure you need.

At Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., our strengths lie in experience and in thorough investigations. By obtaining all available evidence and by negotiating effectively with insurers we have built a long and impressive track record of large settlement and jury awards in wrongful death cases. At the same time, we are committed to helping clients deal with the many personal effects that wrongful death can bring. For more information regarding our firm and your rights following the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident, contact our firm.

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