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Workers’ compensation is a legal insurance benefit that covers on-the-job injuries. It is a trade-off; workers lose their ability to for damages in most cases, but in return, workers’ comp will grant benefits for injury regardless of whose fault the injury was. The worker can still sue if the employer was being reckless (or intentional!) leading to the worker getting harmed.

Do I Need A Workers Compensation Attorney In Mobile, Alabama?

One glance at the federal government’s Workers’ Compensation Web site or handbook confirms what all of us already know—Workers’ Compensation law is an almost bottomless pit of rules, processes and, time limits.

The complexity of the Workers’ Compensation system is further illustrated by the fact that, according to a study conducted by an insurance institute, more than 80 percent of people who work with experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys receive a higher Workers’ Compensation award than those who handle their claim on their own.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident contact the law firm of Clay, Massey & Associates. Our attorneys can provide experienced legal help that:

  1. Seeks to maximize the compensation you receive for your on-the-job injuries
  2. Includes protective language so that, if you have a relapse, you can reopen your case

Though the Workers’ Compensation system was created to help injured workers, Workers’ Compensation insurers naturally work to protect their interests. We will work to protect yours!

Construction Site Accidents & Injuries

When you file an accident report or are taken to a hospital or clinic for medical treatment following a construction accident one thing is certain—representatives from the insurance company responsible for any possible policy pay out will be there in minutes or hours to begin developing a defense against the case.

As experienced and professional investigators begin the process of minimizing or even denying your claim for damages, it is important to have caring and skilled professionals working for you. Some common causes of construction site accidents include:

  • Falls from elevated heights
  • Defective machinery and machinery that backs into or over workers
  • The removal of safety guards and other safety features from workplace machinery
  • Dropped objects
  • Explosions
  • Malfunction cranes and other heavy machinery
  • Improperly constructed walls
  • Dangerous ladders and scaffolding

We can gather crucial information from witnesses, suppliers, supervisors, medical care providers and others to prepare your Workers Compensation and/or third party claim. It is important to know that contacting an attorney is not “jumping the gun.” Even if you do not hire a lawyer, an attorney can help you avoid delays in information gathering that greatly increase your chances of success in your personal injury claim.

Experienced Workers Compensation & Construction Site Injury Attorneys In Mobile, Alabama

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of workplace injuries, including injuries resulting from accidents occurring on construction sites, manufacturing sites and a broad range of other employment locations. We can get involved in your case immediately after it occurs, investigate your claim and secure testimony from witnesses who can back up your claims.

In addition to Workers’ Compensation claims, we handle third party claims following workplace accidents. Third party claims are filed against parties like contractors and subcontractors and almost invariably greatly exceed the compensation gained from Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Do not accept a Workers’ Compensation insurer’s low-ball offer. Instead, contact our firm for a free initial consultation regarding your full legal rights following a workplace accident.

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