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An accident involving a semi-truck, tractor trailer, or other commercial delivery truck can change someone’s life in an instant. Due to the sheer size and weight of these large vehicles, even a low-speed collision can cause significant damage to smaller vehicles and its occupants. If you have been hurt in an accident with a truck, it is critical to take steps to protect your rights.

Attorneys at the personal injury law firm of Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., have handled more than 100 truck accident cases. Our lawyers understand truck regulations and are skilled at investigating violations, including driving-time limits. Also, our team includes a former insurance defense attorney. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for clients injured in truck accidents. Call us at 251-433-1000 to schedule a free consultation.

Do I Need A Truck Accident Lawyer In Mobile, Alabama?

Trucking companies and insurance providers will do everything possible to minimize the truck driver’s and the company’s liability. They may even attempt to shift the blame onto you. In reality, you might have a valid claim to financial compensation for damages, as well as any pain and suffering caused in the accident.

Large trucks, including 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers, are highly regulated by the Department of Transportation and by numerous federal regulations. If you are injured or lose a family member in a truck accident, you need a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable regarding truck regulations and the causes of truck accidents. Our law firm is experienced in investigating truck accidents, negotiating with trucking companies, and in litigating truck accident claims in court.

Our truck accident lawyers have stayed current on federal and Alabama state trucking regulations and have developed a keen understanding of trucking laws. We understand what truckers and trucking companies are supposed to do to maintain safety, and we know the ways in which precautions and safety measures are overlooked. We can begin an immediate investigation into the cause of the truck accident.

How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

We take immediate action to determine the cause of the truck accident. In our decades of experience, we have found that in most accidents, either the truck driver or the truck company can be traced back to the root cause of the accident. The following types of negligence are common causes of truck accidents:

  1. Truck driver fatigue
  2. Truck driver under influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  3. Truck driver distracted while driving by cellphone use or another occurrence
  4. Inaccurate or insufficient driver background checks
  5. Inaccurate or insufficient hiring practices
  6. Inadequate truck driver training
  7. Trucker driving too fast for road or weather conditions
  8. Truck defects and/or overlooked maintenance on trucks
  9. Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks

Our injury attorneys launch a full investigation into the cause of the truck accident, including performing an accident scene reconstruction. By piecing together tread marks, skid marks, points of impact, black box information, eye witness statements and other elements, we can build a solid idea of what happened at the accident scene.

We build strong and solid claims on behalf of our injured clients, holding negligent people accountable for their harmful actions. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured truck accident victims.

What Regulations Do Truck Drivers Have To Follow?

  • CDL Licensing

People who drive semi trucks must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to legally drive these large vehicles. The State of Alabama recently lowered the minimum age to acquire a CDL from 21 years old to 18 years old. The licenses they hold must comply with the state statutes that govern these licenses. In many cases, the means having endorsements that allow them to drive certain vehicles or carry certain cargo, such as hazardous material.

  • Load & Weight

The weight that a semi truck can carry and the way that trucks are maintained are also important. Each truck has a specific weight limit that it can carry. For example, a tandem axle truck can pull up to 34,000lbs while a single axle truck is limited to 20,000lbs. Overloading a truck or failing to maintain the truck and its components can lead to serious accidents that might cause catastrophic injuries.

  • Hours of Service

A trucker’s hours of service is another consideration, as these are set depending on long-haul or short-haul operations and other calculations detailed in the Code of Federal Regulations. Hours spent driving, consecutive off-duty hours, and even sleeping hours are all watched closely. These guidelines are meant to help prevent trucker fatigue which can put the driver, as well as passengers and other motorists at greater risk of injury. Like most other federal trucking regulations, these are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

“I absolutely loved working with the Massey family, they were amazing and never quit working on my case. They always kept in touch and called me I never went without knowing anything on my case. I would definitely recommend the Massey family to anyone and everyone. They are great people and WILL WORK hard for You!!!”

Why Hire Clay, Massey & Associates For A Truck Accident Claim?

The attorneys at Clay, Massey & Associates have decades of experience in personal injury law, including commercial truck accidents. It is important for you to know about any laws or regulations that might apply to your case. Gathering evidence that proves the trucker, trucking company, repair shop or other liable party didn’t abide by the laws or regulations can have a big impact on your claim for compensation.

Several recent truck accident cases demonstrate our skill in obtaining compensation for truck accident clients:

  • Our client suffered a lumbar fusion, a broken wrist and a displaced hip when a truck pulled out in front of him on a foggy morning. We conducted an extensive investigation and located numerous witnesses who were not listed on the police report. Credible witnesses testified that the truck driver committed multiple driving errors, directly contradicting the trucker’s claims. We settled the case for $800,000.
  • We represented a family who lost a loved one who was struck by a tractor-trailer while standing on the side of a road. Our investigation revealed: 1) the truck driver had a heart attack while driving, and 2) he had a history of heart trouble. Our investigation included a reconstruction of the accident scene and the interviewing of numerous witnesses. We settled the case for a substantial confidential sum.
  • Our client was injured when he was struck by an 18-wheeler that lost a wheel. We settled the case for $400,000.
  • Our client was injured when a driver struck the commercial vehicle he was operating. We settled the case for $450,000.

After an accident, you are usually overwhelmed with medical bills, treatments and complex insurance matters that must be resolved. You may be tempted to accept an initial settlement or simply believe that you do not have a case, but it is possible to hold truckers and trucking companies accountable with a strong legal ally by your side. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, call us today at 251-433-1000 to schedule a FREE consultation, or click the Live Chat link on our website.

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