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November 2021 Newsletter

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“Lawsuits Pile Up in Astroworld Festival Tragedy”

By now I’m sure we’ve all heard about the terrible events that occurred on November 5 at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas.

10 people, including a nine-year-old boy, lost their lives when they were crushed by the massive crowd who had surged toward the stage during the performance of rap superstar, Travis Scott. Hundreds of other concert attendees were injured and had to seek medical attention. Even as law enforcement and government officials continue to investigate what went wrong on that terrible night, more than 100 lawsuits have already been filed on behalf of the victims and family members against the event organizers, managers and performers.

The cases filed so far generally allege that the defendants caused or failed to prevent the injuries and that they did not take appropriate action when it became apparent that there was a problem.

Given that over 300 people were injured at the concert, I fully expect many more lawsuits in the near future. There is no question in my mind that this tragedy was preventable, and I am hopeful that the litigation will result in changes that will prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Ed’s Corner


It is appropriate that our initial newsletter occurs during the Thanksgiving season. We in our firm, like so many of our clients and friends have so much to be thankful for. I was raised to count my blessings and to thank the Lord for all of his blessings upon me, my family, my friends and our firm.

First I want to thank the Lord for his blessings upon me and my immediate family. I thank him for my health, both physically and mentally (although the latter attribute may be questioned by my precious bride, Sally).  Sally and I recently celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary and I can truly say that without her help I would be a less effective lawyer and man. Thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful lady to help keep my wagon out of the ditch.

I also want to thank Him for my partner and son Eddie who is a great partner, son, husband to Joy and father of Madelyn. Another blessing is my other son Christopher, his wife Dana, who works here at the firm, and who are the parents of two sons Dixon and Benjamin. I can’t leave out the Texas part of our family which includes my daughter Bronwyn Massey Scharar, who practices law in Dallas, her husband Ryan and their three children Joseph, Patrick and the incredible Sally Anne. What a wonderful family!

We have been so fortunate over the years to represent some of the most wonderful people in the world. It his been the joy of our lives to help our clients overcome debilitating injuries, devastating financial loss and a disruption of their families. One of the greatest feelings that a lawyer can experience is to see good come from a bad situation where a person who has lost so much physically to be compensated fully so they can get on with their lives. We appreciate so much our clients writing heartwarming reviews telling their story about how we have helped.

This concludes the initial edition of Ed’s Corner, but I will be back in future editions to share my accounts of the journey I have experienced in my nearly 50 years of practice. We are going to give some of our readers the opportunity to share their stories in future editions of this newsletter.

Question and Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the spot where we give our readers an opportunity to ask questions about the law or whatever else is on your mind.

(please, no questions about a current legal problem that is being handled by another lawyer)

Around the Community

This is a space where we will be noting the valuable efforts that others in the community are doing to make our area a better place to live.

So if you are aware of any church, civic organization, group, family or just an individual who is doing something special, let us know, so we can fill up this space with accolades of praise for those doing good.


(This is a feature where we recognize those in our community or profession who are going above and beyond in their service to others)

What could be more appropriate during this veterans week and Thanksgiving season than to recognize and be eternally grateful for those veterans who have served our country and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep us free.

I am especially reminded of my father-in-law Mr. Ed Beech, a veteran of the Second World War who served in the South Pacific. His unit was involved in hand-to-hand combat with the Japanese and for his service he was awarded the Bronze Star with a “V” for valor.

Also, my uncle Archie Massey, who lost his life while saving the lives of others on a crippled B-17 returning to base in England.


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