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Fatal school bus accident could have been prevented

Fatal school bus accident could have been prevented

Near the end of October, a five-year-old Macon County boy died as he was on his way to school. Tragically, the boy was killed by a school bus and according to Montgomery attorney, Michael Strickland, this was not the first time a tragedy occurred near a school bus. Strickland referenced another Alabama school bus accident that occurred in 2011 involving a 6-year-old, saying this latest incident is not “a similar case, it’s identical.” Strickland represented the family of the 6-year-old who was severely injured in 2011, eventually settling the case for an undisclosed sum of money.

Cause of Fatal School Bus Accident

Reportedly, this recent tragedy occurred when the 5-year-old boy bent down to retrieve his dropped backpack in front of the school bus. The driver did not see him there and the unthinkable happened. Now, Strickland is speaking out, likening the incident to the 2011 accident and saying that it was entirely preventable. The attorney goes on to say that all the school board would need to do is to install sensors on the front of school buses.

Strickland added that school board members respond to the subject of sensors by saying they are not required to install them. Further, it is reported that school districts and school boards are immune from personal injury or wrongful death suits under state law. This places the liability for such accidents squarely on the shoulders of school bus drivers and bus manufacturers. Reportedly, the Macon County School Board superintendent was unavailable for comment.

School Bus Safety

School buses are supposed to provide students with safe transport to and from school. While no system is foolproof, it stands to reason that school officials would want to continuously improve school bus safety. If you have questions about a wrongful death case in your community, it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney for answers.

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