What To Do After A Dog On Dog Attack

What to do after your dog gets bit by your neighbor’s dog

Dogs are beautiful animals. That is why they are known as “man’s best friend.” However, sometimes dogs are not always well behaved. Some dogs are simply too aggressive, and an aggressive dog can be dangerous to you, your family, or any other pets in your family. If an aggressive dog attacks your dog, there is little you can do to stop it. Unfortunately, dog on dog fights happen often, and dog owners are left to spend a considerable sum of money trying to save their dogs.

The legal responsibility of dog owners

Owning a dog requires a certain level of responsibility. Aside from the obvious feeding and cleaning up after, a dog owner also has the responsibility to ensure their dog does not hurt another person or their property. As much as pets feel like members of the family, they officially fall under the property category. Therefore, the owner of the dog that attacked your dog will be found negligent and will be liable for the assault. The liability can include damage done to you, your lost wages, and any other personal property that was damaged in the attack. In the case of the dog on dog aggression, the liability could also include vet bill, medication for your dog, and any kennel fees that arise while your dog is recovering. If your dog is killed by another dog owners dog, the other owner is responsible for replacing the deceased dog, though the other dog owner’s liability does not include your mental and emotional pain.

What dictates who is liable

The most challenging aspect of having the someone pay for any damages caused by their negligence is proving that they were negligent in court. In the case of dog attacks, that means you have to demonstrate that it was the other dog that initiated the attack.  Dog attacks can occur suddenly, so seeing and understanding why the attack happened or which dog started the fight can be difficult. Which dog lunged first is often disputed by the two owners, making pinpointing the liability even more challenging. However, there are a few indicators that may help you show that the other owner was liable.

What details to look for when a dog bites another dog

The first thing to inspect is the size of both dogs. If your dog is considerably smaller than the other dog in the fight, it is possible that you can show that your dog is relatively harmless compared to the dog that attacked it.

The particular breed may also help you prove that the other dog was responsible for the assault. Certain breeds of dogs are generalized to be more aggressive than others.

The best possible fact you could learn to prove the other dog owner’s negligence is to find that the dog has a history of fighting other dogs or hurting other people. You can talk to your neighbors to see if any knows of the dog being aggressive before the accident.

Accidents that occur because a dog owner did not leash their dog or failed to control their dog properly are much easier to win. It is a dog owner’s responsibility to keep their dogs restrained.

Other possible ways to prove the other owner negligent

The other two means of determining the other dog owner liable involve showing a court the accident other than you or the other dog owner telling them about it. The two ways you can accomplish this is with statements from other witnesses, or video footage and pictures

When a case comes down to your word versus the word of the other owner, an additional witness that saw the attack might be enough to tip the scales in your favor. You should ask anyone that saw the accident for their name and contact information. If you have enough time, you may even ask them to write down a short description on what they saw. If you do ask them to write what they saw, request they attempt to focus on which dog started the attack.

Witness that may have seen the dog get into a fight with another owner’s dog are also valuable. The more witnesses you have to prove that the other dog was aggressive, the stronger your case will be.

Video footage and camera shots are an excellent way to paint a picture for the court. Take photos of any property damage you can, including the injuries that your dog sustained in the fight. Pictures of the other dog owner could also prove valuable.

If your dog has suffered an attack by your neighbor’s dog, you may have a case in court to recover compensation for your dog’s injuries. If you or your pet have been a victim of a dog bite, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Mobile right away.