Alabama Anti-Road Rage Act

Rep. Phillip Pettus from Lauderdale County retired in 2013 as a captain in the Alabama State Troopers, after a career spanning 25 years. Now he’s applying his knowledge and experience to help push a bill he’s calling the “Anti-Road Rage Act.”

The Bill’s Details

The bill’s aim would be to prohibit drivers from staying in the left lane on an interstate for more than a mile and a half without completely overtaking another vehicle. Exceptions would be allowed for conditions that make staying it necessary to remain in the left lane longer, such as:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Road construction
  • Inclement weather
  • And approaching a left lane exit

Rep. Pettus’ Position

Pettus says slow drivers who block traffic flow in the left lane can cause serious hazards or car wrecks, as faster drivers shift lanes to pass the slower drivers in the right lane. “People just get so irritated with people holding up traffic in the left lane. And if they can’t get around them, it causes traffic to back up,” Pettus said. “The interstates were made for you to drive in the right lane and for you to get over in the left lane to pass.” Read more about his proposal, and potential penalties for violating if it becomes a law.


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