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Accidents Caused By Running Red Lights Increase Sharply

Over the past year – from July 2020 to July 2021, Mobile alone has seen 243 accidents from people running red lights, says the Mobile Police Department. According to the latest figures from AAA, the U.S. has seen a significant surge in the amount of fatalities caused by drivers recklessly blowing through red lights. On average more than 2 people per day are killed as a result of these accidents on roads throughout the U.S.

Alarming Increase Since 2012

2017, the most recent year for which data is currently available, shows that 989 deaths were caused as a result of drivers running red lights. These figures represent a staggering 28% increase since 2012, and includes deaths of the drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers in other vehicles at signaled intersections. Over 35% of those killed were the drivers themselves who ran the red light, causing the car accident.

Reducing Fatalities, Increasing Caution

AAA makes the following recommendations for drivers to help reduce accidents at intersections:

  • Prepare to Stop: Take your foot off the accelerator and position it above the brake pedal, being prepared to stop suddenly if required.
  • Use Good Judgment: Pay close attention to green lights that have been green a long time as you’ve approached the intersection since these are more likely to cycle to yellow soon.
  • Tap the Brake: Tap your brakes a couple of times to reduce speed, before stopping completely. This may help get the attention of drivers behind you who may be inattentive.
  • Drive Defensively: Before you enter an intersection after the light has turned green for you, take a second after the light changes and look both ways before proceeding.

For cyclists and pedestrians at intersections, they offer the following tips:

  • Wait: Pause for a few seconds before entering the intersection to make sure all cars have come to a complete stop.
  • Stay Alert: Watch & listen – giving your full attention to the environment around you.
  • Be Visible: Stick to areas that have proper lighting, and wear high-visibility clothing.
  • Make Eye Contact: Look directly at drivers in stopped vehicles & make sure they see you before crossing the road in front of them.

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